Nyashing Jurmo Tea (250 gm)
Nyashing Jurmo is the main ingredient (as a tea leaf) for making Suja-traditional Bhutanese tea and considered a local delicacy. These days people even take it by just adding a pinch in boiled water due to its unique taste and medicinal value.Nyashing jurmmo is found in between 2000-3000 meters above sea level. It is grown in the forests of Resinang, Tshelingore and Chungkhar villages under Zophel gewog in Pemagatshel District. It is a parasitic plant, mostly grown on the host trees and it contains high medicinal values such as healing bone fractures, urinary tract infection (UTIs), backache and others.As the legend goes, Nyashing jurmo was discovered by a man plowing his field. It is said that, when the man was plowing his field, the yoke broke. He threw it under a tree where nyashing jurmo grew. After few days, he saw, to his surprise, that the broken yoke he threw was back in one piece. So he figured, it could mend a broken yoke, it could definitely mend fractures. Nyashing is a local name for yoke.