Puthka Honey (25 ml)

Puthka honey (local name) comes from a stingless bee species. It is more liquid than other honey varieties. Other variety honey has a water content of about 20% while the stingless bees has a water content of between 20-42%, depending on the species and the area from where the honey is collected. The high water content in stingless bee honey makes it very prone to fermentation. The flavor is often described more a flowery than normal honey, but it depends largely on the species. It tastes tangy rather sweet and has an essence of nature. Due to its scarcity and high medicinal values, this honey is priced much higher from the normal honey. Popularly known for its anti-biotic values, it is used for many traditional medicines to treat sore throat, asthma, stomach ulcers, etc.


Net Weight: 25ml